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Flickering Lights? Tripping Circuits? Warm Outlets?

Electrical UpgradesThe demands of today’s electronic appliances, electronics and lighting can put a real stress on older homes. Flickering lights, dimming lights, warm outlets and a tripping circuit breaker are all signs of an over-loaded electrical system. The additional electric needs in your home can weaken an electrical system and potentially create a dangerous situation that could lead to a fire.

An inspection and evaluation by one of our licensed, highly skilled and qualified electricians will give you the peace of mind that everything behind the walls if safe for you and your family. Plus, upgrading your electrical system will ensure that your home’s electrical system is not only safe, but continues to work whenever you need it.

Our electricians can upgrade all areas of your home's electrical system, including: 

  • 220v and 240v Circuits for Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Upgraded Electrical Panel
  • Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) Outlets
  • Additional Electrical Outlets and Switches
  • Sub-Panels
  • Grounded Outlets
  • And more

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When a Simpson electrician arrives at your home he will be in a clean uniform, use booties and floor mats to protect your home and thoroughly clean up when the project is completed. Plus, we will guarantee your satisfaction 100%. No other company in the area can make these promises or deliver this level of service. You have our word on it.

For Expert Electrical Upgrades in Greenville, Lake Village and the surround areas of the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta Call 662-332-2354.

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